The Lucky Elephant Restaurant
The making of The Lucky Elephant Restaurant

The Lucky Elephant Restaurant has a similar origin to that of Queen’s Park. Before I started writing the second installment of the Detective Lane Series, I had watched a documentary on the fall of Saigon, in which a Canadian journalist expressed his disgust with Canadian diplomats who loaded ceramic elephants and limousines onto aircrafts when they evacuated a war-torn Vietnam. The journalist believed the Canadian diplomats should have rescued some of the people who were desperately trying to escape Vietnam—many of these Vietnamese nationals actually had permission to come to Canada, but were left behind. This occurrence provided an essential underlying theme for The Lucky Elephant Restaurant.

Next, I worked with the idea that dangerously dysfunctional people can appear to be normal. I thought, How is it that some people are equipped to recognize dangerous people (like Bobbie in The Lucky Elephant Restaurant) and others find a person like Bobbie to be admirable? This marks another essential element for The Lucky Elephant Restaurant.

» Book 2 in the Detective Lane Series.

The Lucky Elephant Restaurant Reviews:

Paul Marck, Edmonton Journal:
"Taughtly written and with familiar landmarks and settings from Cowtown, Ryan turns in a realistic tale of an admirable, if unlikely hero in Lane and a superb cast of supporting characters, including his police partner Harper and life partner Arthur. Ryan has penned a haunting, psychological drama of the first order.

Rita Cataniag, Avenue Magazine:
"Set in Calgary, The Lucky Elephant Restaurant has enough plot twists and conspiracies to keep the reader in suspense." - Bob Lind camelwest:
" …give it my highest rating possible of five bold stars out of five." - Drewey Wayne Gunn, author of The Gale Male Sleuth in Print and Film:
" The second Detective Lane mystery is even better than the first, and that's saying a lot."

Kate Kinsley, Beat Route Magazine:
"Ryan breaks down all forms of stereotypes including those surrounding disability, sexual orientation, race and religion. He doesn’t give the reader any opportunity to disassociate from the novel’s message, since he sets it all right here in Calgary. What emerges at the core is a message of respect toward all people."

Ryan Pike, Gauntlet:
"In fact, the interplay between the detectives and the psychological effects of their previous cases stand out amongst the stronger elements of the novel. Ryan crafts Lane into a likable protagonist and makes him stand out from the genre's pack of analogous gumshoes by making him gay. The choice is not a cop-out, as the effects it has on his personal and professional lives are explored."

Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail (Canadian Crime Books):
"Ryan’s forte is Calgary, and it shows in his precise descriptions and great images. Lane and Harper are fine characters who deserve a series."

Jenni Mortin, The Star Phoenix:
"Watching Lane and Harper unpeel the layers of this particular onion is an amazing experience."

Mary Jane Copps, Aloft Magazine:
" Ryan balances suspense with humour, creating books that are, quite simply, a great read."

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