After a video of him being hit over the head with a bottle of maple syrup goes viral, Garrett “The Carrot” Macgregor finds his life back on track. Then a massacre devastates the small town of Corporation, Alberta, bringing with it the national spotlight.

A trio of women, alongside a quirky inventor and his husband, decide they’ve had enough of penile politics and seek to expose the open secrets of the town’s most powerful and wealthy, while simultaneously bringing back the good name of Corporation sullied by the shooting.

They plan a sausage festival. 

Besides delicious charcuterie, they will need something louder than the antagonistic local radio host, and reach out to Garrett to take advantage of his fame.

Garrett is pulled into a world of small-town politics, dirty money, biker gang threats, and back into the national eye, all while trying to act the baby sitter for his toddler granddaughter, who may ultimately upset everyone’s plans.

Corporation’s First Annual Sausage Corporation’s  portrays a world structured to remain stagnant, and how change, no matter how small, begins at the ground-level.

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