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I am thrilled to announce that the 9th book in the Detective Lane series of mysteries, Matanzas, is now available!

In this adventure Detective Lane heads to Cuba for a family wedding but soon finds himself working with the local police investigating the murder of a Canadian tourist!

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"Strong characters and far-flung settings propel Matanzas, the ninth novel in Garry Ryan's groundbreaking Inspector Lane series. Ryan takes Lane and his cast of well-drawn supporting characters from Cuba to Calgary, in a breakneck chase to stop a malicious and truly memorable villain. Matanzas is Ryan's best to date!"
  - Sam Wiebe, author of Last of the Independents and Invisible Dead.
"A riveting conspiracy! Ryan writes with elegance and intelligence about genuine characters struggling with complex relationships and emotions. Matanzas is a powerful story of greed and the damage it causes. leavened with affection and humour that will keep readers captivated from Cuba to Canada."
  - Kristina Stanley, author of The Stone Mountain Mysteries
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~ October 1, 2016. Click here to read Garry's interview by writer David Alan Binder.

"Garry is one of the finest novelists in any genre."
- Drewey Wayne Gunn, Reviewing the Evidence
"Ryan balances suspense with humour, creating books that are, quite simply, a great read."
- Mary Jane Copps, Aloft Magazine
“Lane and Harper are fine characters who deserve a series.”
- The Globe and Mail

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Detective Lane Mystery Series
Queen's Park - The First Detective Lane Mystery
__ The Lucky Elephant Restaurant - The Second Detective Lane Mystery
A Hummingbird Dance - The Third Detective Lane Mystery
Smoked - The Fourth Detective Lane Mystery
  Malabarista - The Fifth Detective Lane Mystery
Foxed - The Sixth Detective Lane Mystery
Glycerine - The Seventh Detective Lane Mystery
  Indiana Pulcinella - The Eighth Detective Lane Mystery
Matanzas - The ninth Detective Lane Mystery
Blackbirds Historical Fiction Series
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Two Blackbirds
Praise for Glycerine:
"Ryan writes in a no-nonsense prose that reads like a police procedural destined for the screen."
  - Mari Sasano, Alberta Views
Praise for Foxed:
Ryan's prose is clear without being flashy, his antagonist is suitably villainous without descending into melodrama, the police themselves show a laudable diligence and the supporting characters are allowed their own flashes of competence and plunk."
  - Publishers Weekly
“Ryan has penned a haunting, psychological drama of the first order.”
- Edmonton Journal
“Watching Lane and Harper unpeel the layers of this particular onion is an amazing experience.”
- The Star Phoenix
"Ryan's books are proof that mysteries can be as satisfying in a literary sense as traditional novels."
- Drewey Wayne Gunn, professor emeritus of Texas A&M University-Kingsville.
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