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I am thrilled to announce that the 8th book in the Detective Lane series of mysteries, Indiana Pulcinella, is now available!

I hope you like the new look of the website. I have a feeling that Detective Lane is going to spending a bit of time in the sunshine in an upcoming book!

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~ October 27, 2016. Check out Garry's talk "Finding Answers for the Unanswerable" on Creative Mornings Calgary! Click here.
~ October 1, 2016. Click here to read Garry's interview by writer David Alan Binder.

~ May 21, 2016. Click here to read an interview from the Calgary Herald with Garry about Indiana Pulcinella.

"Garry is one of the finest novelists in any genre."
- Drewey Wayne Gunn, Reviewing the Evidence
"Ryan balances suspense with humour, creating books that are, quite simply, a great read."
- Mary Jane Copps, Aloft Magazine
“Lane and Harper are fine characters who deserve a series.”
- The Globe and Mail

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Detective Lane Mystery Series
Queen's Park - The First Detective Lane Mystery
The Lucky Elephant Restaurant - The Second Detective Lane Mystery
A Hummingbird Dance - The Third Detective Lane Mystery
Smoked - The Fourth Detective Lane Mystery
Malabarista - The Fifth Detective Lane Mystery
Foxed - The Sixth Detective Lane Mystery
Glycerine - The Seventh Detective Lane Mystery
Indiana Pulcinella - The Eighth Detective Lane Mystery
Blackbirds Historical Fiction Series
Blackbirds - the first in a new series.  Click for more information.
Two Blackbirds
Praise for Glycerine:
"Ryan writes in a no-nonsense prose that reads like a police procedural destined for the screen."
  - Mari Sasano, Alberta Views
Praise for Foxed:
Ryan's prose is clear without being flashy, his antagonist is suitably villainous without descending into melodrama, the police themselves show a laudable diligence and the supporting characters are allowed their own flashes of competence and plunk."
  - Publishers Weekly
“Ryan has penned a haunting, psychological drama of the first order.”
- Edmonton Journal
“Watching Lane and Harper unpeel the layers of this particular onion is an amazing experience.”
- The Star Phoenix
"Ryan's books are proof that mysteries can be as satisfying in a literary sense as traditional novels."
- Drewey Wayne Gunn, professor emeritus of Texas A&M University-Kingsville.
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